• Yohji Yamamoto •

About this issue

When Yohji Yamamoto wants to convey his ideas to the people he works with he uses words, not drawings.

Each of his collaborations – with an artist, a photographer, a scenographer, a filmmaker, a choreographer – started with a conversation. Sometimes, as is apparent from interviews within this issue, a few words were enough to realise beautiful projects, develop special friendships, build things that transcend the ordinary.

Words are very important to Yohji Yamamoto. Not the endless flood of words used to fill silences, but only those words that seek out the silence, that go for depth, ask questions, listen, look, confirm, words that give warmth, words that sing.
Similarly, every new magazine in our series starts with a conversation. Words that capture the essence of that conversation are used to sketch the rough outlines of the concept. These words are written onto a white sheet. Every time we start with a blank page. Every magazine is a new story.

And so this has become a magazine of many words. About friendships, about collaborations, about admiration. Conversations with 20th century icons and the young turks of today. Words of and about “soulmates”, who share the same fascinations, strive for the same quality, travel the same roads, seek the same silences.
Yohji Yamamoto. In our eyes he is one of last century’s most innovative designers. He has completely changed our vision on fashion. He has enchanted us and forever initiated us in a new beauty – the beauty that comes from within and that bears no relation to what we previously knew.

Yohji Yamamoto, in his interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist, says that he would like to design time. Nobody ever came so close to fulfilling this task.

In between the lines you can read that we were very happy and honoured to welcome Yohji Yamamoto as the curator of this magazine.
We invite you to share that happiness, to read this magazine through Yohji Yamamoto’s eyes and to listen with him to all those who have inspired, admired and touched him.