• Veronique Branquinho •

About this issue

“In the late 1990s, few designers offered a more contemporary view of women’s lives and emotions than Veronique Branquinho. I’ve always thought that she was, in a certain way, to her generation what Joan Baez was to hers in the 1960s — “the Madonna of the disaffected”, to use Joan Didion’s line from a 1966 essay. […] Perhaps the most striking thing about Branquinho’s clothes is that, whether they are tailored and simple or languid and moody, they impart a sexual tension highly contemporary in feeling. It makes me wonder what Branquinho might have done, at a certain moment, with a label like Yves Saint Laurent: a woman interpreting the ultimate modern female uniform.”

Cathy Horyn, New York Times. In: 6+ Antwerp Fashion. MoMu, 2007

Graduated in 1995 from the renowned fashion department of the Antwerp Academy, Veronique Branquinho presents collections under her own name in Paris since 1997. Today, besides a women’s collection, her label also includes a men’s collection, and a shoe collection.
In the late 1990s, Veronique Branquinho took the international scene by storm with a very personal take on femininity and elegance, her signature strongly influenced by the complexity of the female character. Underpinned by subtle references to film, music and art, her fashion offers an alternative to the big luxury brands. Her collections are favoured by men and women who appreciate high quality clothes with a traditional finishing, in superior fabrics.

The theme of female duality, the transition from girl to woman, the ambiguous mystery of the awakening eroticism, takes centre stage in Veronique Branquinho’s oeuvre. Her work is dominated by the perpetual movement between attracting and rejecting, revealing and concealing… For A MAGAZINE, Veronique Branquinho will create a ‘warm, personal and masculine’ issue, a precious and elegant edition offering a unique view on her world and her work, her passions and sources of inspiration.