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About this issue

We are delighted to announce that the 17th edition of A Magazine Curated By has been guest edited by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of the NY and LA-based label Eckhaus Latta. The magazine corresponds with the Autumn Winter 2017-18 fashion season and is slated for a worldwide release on September 9th.

This 17th edition of A Magazine Curated By is a comprehensive immersion into the artistic universe of Eckhaus Latta anchored by the core conceptual twist of parody satirizing the tropes of a fashion magazine and in particular the longstanding tradition of a September issue. Eckhaus Lattas avant-garde approach to fashion is brought to light through its adoption and subsequent subversion of existing structures, whilst acknowledging the labels place in Americas contemporary art scene today. Across two hundred pages, Eckhaus Latta have enlisted a multitude of talents to approach their own work and the fashion industry through both scrutiny and celebration.

Contributors in alphabetical order:

Alex Chaves, Alex Da Corte, Alexa Karolinski, Amy Yao, Anders Edstrom, Angela Dimayuga, Angelo Flaccavento, Anicka Yi, Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, Anna Betbeze, Aram Moshayedi, Avena Gallagher, Bailey Scieszka, Brian Molloy, Camille Bidault-Waddington, Camille Deterre, Charles Negre, Chris Kraus, Emily Segal, Eric N. Mack, Eric Wrenn, Felix Burrichter, Fiona Duncan, Gabrielle Mack, Haley Wollens, Hari Nef, Jamie Chung, Jay Latta, Jeremy Lewis, Katie Hillier, Keirnan Monaghan, Lauren Davis Fisher, Linda Yablonsky, Mark Mahaney, Martha Orr, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Math Bass, Matthew Holmes, Matthew Lutz Kinoy, Michael Bailey Gates, Mike Meir, Rob Kulisek, Roberta Smith, Roe Ethridge, Ryan Trecartin, Sandra Sutton Eckhaus, Sharif Hamza, Sophear, Sophie Stone, Steven Eckhaus, Susan Cianciolo, Theo Vamvounakis, Thomas McCarty, Torey Thornton, Zoe Ghertner.

Cover: Wayne Booth at Heroes wears an Eckhaus Latta Spring Summer 2013 dress photographed by Roe Ethridge and styled by Brian Molloy. Hair by Tamara McNaughton, Makeup by Susie Sobol.

A Magazine Curated By Eckhaus Latta (2017)

Editor in Chief: Dan Thawley
Editor at Large: Blake Abbie
Art Director: Mike Meire